“You are so confident!” I Used to hear this all the time, great feedback, I was doing something right!

Yes externally I appeared confident, but inside I was shaking, drowning and sinking into a deeper hole.

However, the more I was recognised for being confident, the bigger the demand became upon me.

Therein lies the problem, expectations were set and I had to meet them, another demand.

I was this capable, organised individual, that had to be professional at work, a mother and wife at home, keeping everything in order, or else……………….. or else what?

I would not be worthy of the attention and feedback I was receiving, and I liked it, it made me feel worthwhile, noticed and appreciated. However, this feeling was not sustainable as it was largely influenced by external factors.

Internally (self-esteem) I had no respect or regard for myself as an individual, and the qualities I have, which eventually led to melt down. I did not set boundaries or know how to say no and kept taking on until mentally and emotionally my body and mind said enough is enough.

Self-esteem is pivotal to our self-worth, purpose and value. Self-esteem empowers us when faced with the many challenges life throws our way. We all get worried and nervous when faced with a new situation or challenge; interview, presentation, meeting new people that is normal. However, the greater our self-esteem, and subsequently our worth, the less scary these experiences become, as I have found out. No matter what you say or do to me, I am still a worthwhile person! I have known this mantra since my twenties, but never truly understood it or believed it until a few years ago.

Knowing and loving your true self is the greatest discovery you will make as a human being, and what will give you the freedom and happiness you deserve.

The Power of Self Esteem is one of my best personal discoveries, and I am now able to share these powerful tools with you as a licensed mentor.