Authentic self or Persona remove the MASK

I had been carrying this heavy mask (persona) around for 40 plus years, and it had weighed me down. I had no idea who I was, only what others expected to see, hear and act in a particular way. I had no self worth and very low self esteem, which I now recognise as a major contributory factor in my depression and anxiety.

Deep rooted beliefs, demands and accusations about myself had been embedded since childhood, and with the support of a very patient and loyal therapist, I began to lift my mask, and discover my true self. Many of us appear in public as a ‘persona’ because it feels safe, we put up a front, imitate, and wear a mask. To reveal our true self requires courage, as we feel our vulnerability and exposure. The larger the gap between our persona and our authentic self the greater the danger to our mental health and emotional well being. This gap is where we compensate with food, drink, drugs, gambling etc to protect from the negative and defend against the feelings that arise.

I was certainly not aware of this at the time, it is only with greater awareness, skills and processes that I am now able to express this. I am pleased to say that my gap is relatively small now, because my self esteem has increased significantly. I no longer require external influence to define my worth, as a human being, because I am enough, just as I am.

Not everyone will like me, most people are struggling to like themselves, but that is fine, we are where we are on our individual journeys through this life. I like myself and my qualities, I am now driven by my inner voice, rather than external surroundings, giving me the power of choice over my reactions and ultimately end result.

Step away from the mask and BE just BE that human being …………not doing or saying what you think others want to hear, but what you want to say in a safe, confidential space.
‘Power of Choice’ has been created to empower you to live a fulfilled and happy life.