Create a life

that feels good

on the inside!

Live by Choice,
Not by Chance!

Linda Burns

Family – Life – Journey

I am Linda, fifty something, daughter, sister, wife married for nearly thirty years, and mother of two sons now in their twenty’s. 

Personally, I was diagnosed with depression some twenty five years ago.  At this time, I had no idea what impact this would have on my life, it was difficult enough, at the time, with a new baby to take care off.

I have had to deal with anxiety, panic attacks and the highs and lows for most of my life, but here I am strong and passionate about helping others on their journey.

My personal development started some thirty years ago.  I have learnt so much about myself, how I work, think, and react.  Both working one to one, and attending various programmes and training, have empowered and inspired me, with a new way of thinking and acting.  

No two days are the same and I face the same difficulties others do, however, my mindtalk (thoughts) are different, and subsequently my reactions and feelings.

I am the most content and happy, I have ever been.  Not because everything in my life is perfect, but I have everything I need.  Most importantly peace of mind and higher self-esteem.

I have chosen to share my knowledge, skills and experience to make a difference to others, and improve mental health and emotional well being.   If you are open to new thinking, committed and enthusiastic to change your life, drop me a line, or give me a call.



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