An empowering programme,

which will help to boost your

self-esteem, and inspire you

to live a happy life!

I have worked with Linda and have always found her to be warm, encouraging and fully understanding of the personal challenges I face.

I didn’t think I could feel comfortable talking to a stranger over Skype but Linda put me immediately at ease and has allowed me to explore some very difficult issues in a safe and sensitive way. Linda gently encourages me to look at different aspects of myself and consider other options I hadn’t previously considered.

I have felt Linda being alongside me fully supporting me and believing in my potential which has at times felt a great relief and given me a new source of strength.

I believe Linda is totally committed to helping others to believe in themselves and keeps them focused upon what they want to achieve. A very special person to have around!


 Our Minds are so powerful

We can have an experience with our thoughts alone

     Change your thoughts, Change your life


Create a life that feels good on the inside














Get a new view on your life

“I think differently and suffer less”

Our story is a script handed down to us when we are young and is stored in our subconscious mind

Take control of your story going forward

‘Power of Choice’



Hi, I am Linda

Creator of ‘Power of Choice’ a program that will empower you to be the author of your story

Sometimes you have to look at things from a new perspective, ‘Power of Choice’ will help you to do that

You can’t fix what you don’t understand!

Think clearly, define your happiness and become fulfilled!



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